After Hours Emergency Service

At Robinson Veterinary Services we understand that your pet doesn't necessarily get ill during regular business hours. We strive to do our best to provide emergency service to our loyal clients and their pets when needed. From trauma management, suturing wounds, illness and even if you need some advice over the phone we will do our best to help in any situation.

So if you are a current client who has been in with a pet in the last 2 years:

please call 1-888-646-9533

This will direct your call to the answering service who will page the staff member on call.


Please Note:

At the moment, Dr. Robinson is the single doctor in the practice. The most difficult part of being the only doctor is providing 24 hour a day 7 days a week emergency care. This situation makes it very difficult to have a family and personal life and eventually results in fatigue. Dr. Robinson has strived to provide this service for many years and plans on doing the best he can to continue this. However, there may be the odd instance that he will not be available for emergency service. In this case you will still call 1-888-646-9533 and your message will be relayed to a member of our team for further assistance and they can direct you if necessary with the next steps. Dr. Robinson is grateful in your understanding in this matter.