Surgical Equipment

We are very proud to offer surgery services performed at our clinic.

A comprehensive physical exam is performed on the patient prior to anesthesia to determine the individual health status. Anesthetics are chosen depending on the patient's individual needs.

A pre-anesthetic blood screen is recommended to also verify that the patient does not have a pre-existing organ dysfunction and is healthy enough to withstand an anesthesia and ensure no underlying disease is present.


Our doctors and technical staff care for your pet and follow standard sterilization techniques. Every procedure is carefully monitored by a trained technician as well as a multi-parameter monitor which gives us real time information on ECG, pulse, blood oxygen saturation levels, blood pressure and temperature during the procedure. After surgery recovery care is provided, as well as prophylactic medications for infection and pain management therapy. Each owner will leave with at home instructions to help the healing and recovery process.

If your pet is having surgery at our hospital, please have a look at our Pre-Surgery instructions below.

Pre-Surgery Instructions

Most surgical procedures require a general anesthesia before the procedure can be performed. Take these few simple steps to minimize the check-in time and the risks to your pet.

  1. Have a look at the recommended Pre-Anesthetic Profile information. If you have any further questions, we would be happy to discuss them with you. Also at this time consider getting your pet microchipped in order to give them a permenant identification. Placing a microchip while under anesthesia is virtually pain free and is the nicest time to be done.
  2. To minimize the check-in procedure please print out the Standard Permission Form - read it, then sign and date it and bring it with you that morning. Make sure we have several ways to contact you during that day. If you have any questions or concerns at check-in, we are more than willing to address them at this time.
  3. Your pet should be Fasted (no food) after 8:00pm on the night before the procdure. Water is ok overnight and even a small amount in the morning.
  4. Please drop off your pet between 8:30am and 9:15am on the day of the procedure. Special circumstances can be arranged if you are unable to adhere to these times.
  5. The next day you can pick-up your pet after 9:30am and you will be given home care instructions and information on suture removal etc...

Procedures such as routine spays and neuters will spend a night in the hospital in order to reduce the possibility of over activity which can lead to incision problems. Procedures such as mass removals, dentistry, and minor procedures generally will be discharged on the same day depending on the case. We will notify you on check-in if your pet will stay the night for observation.